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The family is a form of social organization that is indicative of the politics, economics and culture of a society. Our understanding of the term queer consists of anything outside of the normative. In this way, a queer family may be a couple or a group of people living outside of the generally normative upheld notions of time, space, and identification. Throughout this project we have been committed to exploring different understandings of queer family in present society and how the concept has evolved over time.

Current understandings of queer families that we have explored are families made up of queer individuals, the ‘queering’ of family structures, queer processes of starting families including conception, and queer family’s relationship to time and space. Throughout history, queer people have organized themselves in non-normative ways for a multitude of reasons. Some may include to provide support and ally-ship, to create a space to challenge norms, to create a safe space for marginalized individuals, and to form bonds that allow better understandings of the self.

As a group, our goal has been to create a platform that explores non-normative family experiences and structures. While the formations of queer families are boundless, we have only chosen a handful of them to discuss. We hope to expand our research as well as collaborate with others in the future. So far, we have explored alternative kinship models, genderqueer parenting styles, the concept of chosen family, queer reproductive justice, and queer family planning.


Site Guide:

Queer Time and Space: Family Structures and Kinship – Maddi Fowler

Chosen Family – Carter Steinmann

Gender-Neutral Parenting – Riley Thompson


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