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This website was imagined, designed, organized and executed by a group of Mills College students enrolled in ANTH 180, “Queer Ethnography,” during the Autumn term of 2013: Syllabus Queer Ethnography

Over the course of the semester, we considered not only ethnographic work concerned with sexual subcultures, gender identity and expression, and queer desire, but also memoir, fiction and non-academic resources available through the internet. What we found was inconsistent: while much academic work within anthropology (as well as sociology, history, literature, queer theory, etc) has taken up questions of queer identity, belonging, and expression, much of it is inaccessible outside of academic settings. Additionally, non-academic platforms on the internet are incomplete. We found that many of our questions and interests resulted in dead-end searches on google; hours of searching might unearth certain webpages and blogs, but other searches left us empty handed.

This website, then, is a contribution: we have built a platform to answer some of our questions, consider others, and provide a meeting place of interests loosely connected to ideas, concepts, and stories raised by our class. It is by no means complete, but instead attempts to contribute to the (semi) democratic space of the internet. There are a diverse group of voices represented here–some language and literature speaks to an academic audience while some entries are specifically designed for non-academic audiences. We hope that, together, these entries will add to the resources available.

Our goals for the website include, but are not limited to:

* Providing resources

* Providing narratives/allowing queer folks to speak for themselves

* Filling in the gaps

* Creating linkages

* Disseminating knowledge

* Engaging with theory and scholarly work

* Synthesizing knowledge/information

* A people’s queering, queer theory for the people

***This website is inspired by and indebted to Anastasia Kayiatos***

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