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Selected Excerpt from Aristotle’s Metaphysics


Throughout history, Aristotle’s writings have been banned, taught selectively, and criticized for proposing a God not thought to be beneficial for “religious purposes”. Many themes that arise in the Metaphysics are also deeply embedded in this history. The Metaphysics is simply a study of being, or “Being qua Being”. This excerpt has been included because its theme of a way of life that is complete in itself resurfaces in bohemian counter-culture, which heavily influenced 20th century counter-culture in America.


“All men naturally desire knowledge …the knowledge of everything must necessarily belong to him who in the highest degree possesses knowledge of the universal, because he knows in a sense all the particulars which it comprises. These things, viz. the most universal, are perhaps the hardest for man to grasp, because they are furthest removed from the senses …the man who desires knowledge for its own sake will most desire the most perfect knowledge, and this is the knowledge of the most knowable …and that science is supreme, and superior the subsidiary, which knows for what end each action is to be done; i.e. the Good in each particular case, and in general the highest Good in the whole of nature .”





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