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A Letter to the People from the People: A Call for Family: Revolution, if you want it.

Our goal is to provide a source of queer solidarity in reviewing the history of key family members of the american counterculture, while shedding light on the disciplinary mechanisms and attempted cultural genocide this counterculture family endured and continues to endure. We hope to have provided a history of a culture of people who have been rejected from mainstream society, or have been oppressed or systematically othered. Together, such people have formed the beautiful counterculture of the world that has saved myself and my loved ones from the horrors people of the counterculture often experience in today’s society. They have allowed us to find ourselves and our family in this wide strange world. In these pages of our website, we hope to show how the queer experience has been and continues to be encompassed within the experience of the counterculture, working with the counter -culture to bring a sense of solidarity amongst people who have been or felt excluded somehow from normalized society.    Our reason for attempting to concentrate a culture of people who have not been afraid to let love dominate their lives (in times when when love and empathy was not regularly seen in the world), is to create a sense of solidarity amongst people who feel they have been othered in this world or have lived most or all of their lives without feeling as though they have true family. Through this, we hope to show how a chosen family and community can be found in history, and therefore in the present moment as well, as myself and my loved ones have so joyfully experienced. In this attempt at cultivating a sense of queer solidarity through this history, we hope to reach allies of queer people as well as anyone who has ever felt othered, and hope to direct the future of the term queer in a more expansive direction; perhaps someday to even cover such allies.

In this world that is economically heavily influenced by a country called by many today as imperialist America, there is no place where oppression does not exist; or in other words, the things that hurt us are everywhere and there is not a place you could find where such things did not exist in their own various ways. However, there is a place in ourselves that we can shield ourselves from oppression, and this comes from a mindset; a mindset of love, empathy and subjectivity dominating all other thoughts, feelings or frequencies. Have you ever felt that love is the only thing that could ever make a difference in this world? You were right, it is. And in love, we are departed from the constant lurking oppression and diciplinary mechanisms that reek havoc on the spirit. Jim Rickards, Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at Omnis Inc has publicly talked much about the striking comparisons of the conditions of the falling Roman Empire and present day conditions in America. Between our economic crisis and the inability to make life bearable for those who already greatly suffer, Rickards concludes America is far worse off than The Roman Empire  coming to its fall was, based on our levels of oppression, imperialistic tendencies and dehumanization of its people (Rickards 2010). My reason for sharing this is to point out firstly, that we need to trust our instincts; if you’ve continued reading to this point, you probably have at one point or another, felt as if there is something seriously wrong with the human race, but were told otherwise by people who claimed they “knew better” than you.  Rickards is by no means the only one, finally, admitting to themselves and the world the brutality people have employed on each other in the ways of oppression and disciplinary mechanisms. What a fucking surprise. Every single generation of youth since the beginning of the 20th century at the very least have had a portion of people who have given their lives to get this word out. Now that we actually only have 50 years worth of water at the capitalistic rate we are going at, people as such join the bandwagon. The main point here, is generations of people have lived and died for the message of love for a long time before this. Many were cornered or beaten into a life of supporting “the real world” where a made up, imaginary substance known as money dominates, and abandoning love and mother nature which is what really exists right now. Now comes a time when we are the last generation of youth to change things up and stand strong against the powers that be, all powers that be. Break the addiction to the convenience a capitalist consumer society “provides” and try a different way of life that is accessible has the potential to support everyone comfortably – a life in the bosom of our mother, mother nature, supporting and loving her always and thriving and sustaining life from her natural abundance. Our mother nature is what is here now, existing now, all around is in air, dirt, wind, love and what has always supported and sustained our lives without fail or exception. She will never turn on you, and neither will your instincts as we are made from her. Let us take our children and families and go back to her, live amongst all her natural beauty and without leaving behind all we have learned through industrialization and scientific revolutions, act as warriors of the rainbow, as the children made to fight for her and save her from ourselves and make all the land green once again.  Trust your instincts and feelings;  you are not alone!

The experience of the lives of great people and their personal experiences as well as the role of cultural sanitation and disciplinary mechanisms in our everyday lives, is what is being valued and focused on here. Including subjects on the timeline such as COINTELPRO, Bloody Thursday or MKUltra are necessary to show the disciplinary mechanisms present, which members of the counterculture learned to navigate. These events are described in detail, as they have proved themselves to be lasting attempts at the genocide of the counterculture through cultural sanitation, privatization of knowledge and normalization. Anarchism and it’s history have been given special attention as it has  served as a cornerstone of the counterculture concept, providing a philosophy that throughout time, allowed peoples feelings and thoughts to be fueled into something empowering and enlightening as well as re-strengthening the philosophy feminism in the early to mid 20th century. The people mentioned in this history found ways to defeat this normalization and keep their cultures intact, active and maintained. We, the people on earth and in existence now, can help our family maintain our precious culture by learning about it, holding onto/passing down the knowledge, and working to fight disciplinary mechanisms by remaining on the love frequency, doing and loving yourself. Doing yourself can be known as learning to recognize disciplinary mechanisms in action and working to guide yourself on the path you truly want for yourself. Do not think that you need to harbor knowledge or wisdom, so others don’t steal it from you; love, wisdom and knowledge are not water in drought, or high demand products in a scarce economy, as most subjects we deal with in our daily lives are (Crimeth!nk 2012). There is more than enough to go around for everybody, and to share it is to go against such privatization of knowledge.

 As Michel Foucault would say, carefully calculated openings (identities that people perceive as being perhaps somewhat near to themselves and able to radically take on) allow for the want to be individualized (or different from what one mostly sees) to actually employ an alienated identity/personality to form. By deviating so much from an already “different” or rare identity or carefully calculated opening, we become a person that cannot identify with or relate to anyone else but does also not feel centered and confident in who they are. If we take on other identities to be different, we lose the ability to connect to people and everyone ends up being homogenous or the same in their attempts to be different. When everyone does this, we become a homogenized body of people, all the same because we all cannot relate or identify with one another because we all slightly or drastically deviate from each other and therefore, have no true community or tribe. only when one truly knows themselves and who they are do they recognize another person that they would have conscious love or friendship with. This split from self through the alienation and homogenization of identities is one commonly employed avenue of normalization, cultural sanitation that is perhaps most common in the present today amongst our youth and young adults.

Finding, living, rocking and applying one’s true self is a way that empowerment and enlightenment comes to someone and their situation. This empowerment is why we have highlighted people who have chosen to live how they want, creating themselves and not allowing consequences of the present day system to disempower. Seeing such people who have fought to live free may make it easier or provide solidarity for those who want to do the same. The more people that pick up where such revolutionary people left off, the more powerful we could be over our own situations and world.

We cannot wait for a revolution to happen, in fact if we continue thinking we need to wait for “revolution” in order to truly be able to live how we want, there will never be change. We are living the “revolution” right now, if it pleases you to say so, and it is up to all that exist on Earth right now, especially the youth, to determine what that change will look like, how it will take place, and whether that will look any different from the past years gone by. We all have the power to live how we want, to live by our ideals right now; rather than working away the majority of the time with the remaining time spent recuperating from such stress and dehumanization. This leaves no room for one living how they really want to. However, we are born with freedom my friend, and this should be music to anyone’s ears. because this means that laws, rules, policies, jobs, money, rights, time, schedules, our police forces, our government, our capitalist system, and therefore our own dehumanization are kept up and maintained by us because we play into them and accept that they are real things we need to obey when they are not. We’ve lived for so long in the mindset that these ARE the laws/rules and they need to be followed or X, Y, and Z will happen. However the only reason such structures are still in place today is because we, as humans, do dehumanizing work that one hates doing most of the time, to uphold such structures everyday. We have the power to choose whether or not we want to keep subjecting ourselves to this dehumanization or decide to live a much more enjoyable life.  As soon as we realize that all of the structures and conventions listed above are only in place because we work hard to uphold them, and would be nonexistent without such work, then we are freed from the cages we have internalized and from being part conspirator’s in our own exploitation.

The first steps are often the toughest down the path to freedom as people tend to start this lifestyle out on their own and slowly begin to gather more like minded community. The good news for our generation is, our counterculture family has already paved the way for us. The bad news in our time is running out, ecologically. The people being discussed here, have paved that way for well over 2000 years. It is up to us as the people who exist now on this planet and especially the youth, to support our family making brave strides for themselves and our Mother Nature and pick up where they have left off; do not be afraid. If anything has been revealed throughout this study of othered people and communities, fear is TRUE discontentment, and struggling through the toughest bullshit on the love frequency is worlds better than allowing oneself to live on the fear frequency for even a second. The people who helped pave the way for us allowed for their love frequencies to dominate their experiences, outshine the fear frequencies and detour from the power of disciplinary mechanisms, in, through and for love. As Foucault would say, powers that influence us and our identities come from every possible direction, without exception. No path of true resistance will come labeled “resistance” or anything of the like. Using the tools of the oppressor, or taking a play from their playbook, will never put up real resistance, alleviate oppression on the human race or make us content, empowered and enlightened. The only path that will ever truly resist anything is living in love, finding oneself through living in love, allowing ones true self to shine through, living how one truly pleases, living in present wise mind so as to live one’s life to it’s fullest meaning and experience, following one’s instincts and feelings and constantly striving to further one’s own path of growth and enlightenment. We hope to have put together a beautiful, telling history of people who have strived to live as such!

With love, family


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